Custom Studio Production

For the past several decades, Cone Editions Press has been at the for-front of experimental and complex digital printmaking. We have worked with a slew of artists from across the globe some of whom we’ve partnered with in the production and publication of limited edition multiples. Click here to see a small history of the artists and projects we’ve worked with.

Contact Us About a Custom Project


This hands-on printing service is a full day-rate service from 9AM to 4PM. You get access to the printmaking staff at CEP and the whole studio (remotely until covid19 lets up) for an entire day with all-you-can-print production. This service is very similar to renting out a sound studio if you’re a recording artist. The flat-rate price per day is $1500.00 for inkjet printing and $1700.00 for Platinum printing. If your files are ready to go, it’s possible to get a serious amount of work done at a very low cost per print.

Step One:
Call us to talk about your project and its production needs, then schedule your master print day with sufficient time for preparation on your end and our end.

Step Two:
CEP staff prepares the studio and makes sure the required ink, paper, and production materials are ready for the production day. Final confirmation of materials and production is required 1 week in advance.

Step Three:
Full-tilt production happens for one day. This can include drum scanning, file mastering, proof printing, exhibition printing, and/or learning how to print.

Step Four:
After the production day ends at 4pm, usually the staff and clients are exhausted. Prints are left to cure overnight and then packed and shipped out in the morning during the next work-day.

Call Cathy @  (802) 439-5751 to Arrange a Studio Day