Color Printing @CEP

Perfect color management and 110 years of combined experience in one lab.

We Make Inkjet Ink

At Cone Editions Press, we make our own ink. We’ve been making archival pigment ink for more than 20 years and we’ve printed for some amazing artists with it over the years.

This process makes Cone Editions Press really unique. We have a full grasp of the entire technological stack from particle to paper fibre to imaging, printing, and packing.

From special gloss-optimized prints (default) to enhanced matte black ink printing with our new Ultra-HD-MK carbon ink (darkest carbon ink in the world), we have you covered.


Color Managed

At the studio, we constantly profile every color printer and paper with 3000 patch ICCs. These “color dictionaries” keep a close match between the monitor and the paper and we are able to achieve maximum color fidelity and stable results for artists year to year and decade to decade. 

Color management is ever-evolving and the expert technicians at our studio are at the leading edge of color management research and experimentation.

Good color is not just about maximum pop, it’s all in the subtleties between neutral and saturated and we are fluent in that language.

Down SoftProof ICCs

Imaging Experts

To print good color, you don’t just need amazing ink and hardware. You need the eyeballs and experience to get the job done. At Cone Editions we’ve worked with so many artists on color imaging and proofing that we have an intuitive sense of where a project needs to go. 

We are all artists ourselves, and we are dedicated to working directly with an artist to achieve their goals. This collaborative aproach was pioneered at Cone Editions Press and is at the root of our identity.

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