Photogravure is an exquisite intaglio printmaking technique of the highest quality. We've recently re-invented this 570 year old process to incorporate new advances in technology. We are pleased to announce this service to the art world.

With the Photogravure process, thickened oil-based pigment ink is hand rubbed into, and then transferred from, recessed indentations in the surface of a printing plate to dampened paper with an etching press. From the 1980s, Cone Editions Press exclusively used copper plates to make photogravure prints. In the late 2010s, Cone Editions Press developed a direct-to-plate technique for producing steel-backed photopolymer photogravure plates. Not only is the fidelity higher than can be achieved with traditional copper methods, the costs are significantly less, and the time required to produce a photogravure plate just a fraction. Best of all, the unique Cone Editions method produces a photogravure print that matches a calibrated display making it perfect for digital photography or scans made from negatives and transparencies.

A high resolution positive image is printed directly onto a UV sensitive Green Mountain photopolymer plate using a modified EPSON printer with four gradated shades of UV absorbing inks formulated by Cone Editions Press. The printing of these inks is controlled by a software system also invented at Cone Editions Press. This proprietary technique results in the highest fidelity photogravure available.

The direct to plate printed positive is exposed to a very high amount of UV irradiance for a very short amount of time. The UV system is also developed at Cone Editions Press. The absence of film, glass or the need for vacuum results in the smallest possible grains size. The majority of these are microscopic in size, in varying dimensions, and in pseudo-random positioning to assimilate the finest possible aquatint. After UV exposure the unhardened portions of the plate are washed out with plain water. After processing the plate is further hardened to withstand dozens if not hundreds of impressions should the client wish.

The fidelity of a Cone Editions Press can rival platinum printing. The process being calibrated to a display easily allows a photographer or artist to work remotely and have their expectations met. Working directly with the printmakers at Cone Editions Press results in a fluid process in which an hour from computer display to the printing press is all that is necessary to begin printmaking. 

The process is perfect for monochromatic photography as well as multiple color abstraction or four color process printing or whatever an artist can imagine.

Customers who come to Cone Editions to work in photogravure pay special rates by the day or week, and will notice that it takes only a scant hour from computer display to the plate being ready for proofing on the press. For our online customers we charge separately for making a gravure plate, for a proofing session, and for printing the gravures in an edition. We can also offer binding if you are interested in special portfolios or projects. You can check out one of our basic bindings here:

We can also make our unique photogravure plates for you to print on your own etching press.

Ready to Print Gravure Plates

You supply the image and we produce the plate either to send to you for printing in your studio, or we can print it in ours!

Within the maximum plate area you can choose to have the plate trimmed to the image or include a plate margin (unprinted border around the image). The image will cause an impression to be impressed into the paper. The plate margin allows for there to be a border of un-inked paper around the image surrounded by an impression into the paper.

Plate Size Price Per Plate
4"x5" Minimum of 2 Plates
5"x7" Minimum of 2 Plates

Photo Gravure Prints (and Proofs) Per Image

There is a setup charge for each proofing or printing session. This charge covers our wet packing of the paper, preparation of the press/inks, and drying/flattening of the paper post session. The cost is $200 for 15x22 or smaller paper, $250 for 22x30 paper, and $300 for larger than 22x30 paper. It will be incurred for each proofing or printing session. Proofs or prints are priced at the same prices below.

A4  sized plates on up to 11x15 paper

1-4 prints per each plate $105  each

5-10 prints per each plate $85  each

10+ prints per each plate $75  each

A3  sized plates on up to 15x22 paper

1-4 prints per each plate $165  each

5-10 prints per each plate $150  each

10+ prints per each plate $133  each

A2  sized plates on up to 22x30 paper

1-4 prints per each plate $275  each

5-10 prints per each plate $260  each

10+ prints per each plate $240  each

A1  sized plates on up to 30x44 paper

1-4 prints per each plate $500  each

5-10 prints per each plate $402  each

10+ prints per each plate $350  each

Limited Edition Gravure Books

We love books. They can be so expensive to have produced. So what we offer are printed leaves that you can complete by binding (or have us produce the binding for you.) 

The leaves are available as Piezography, Pt/Pd, or Photogravure. We will send you a template for you to design and upload to us. We’ll print the work and ship it back to you. The larger your edition (quantity of books), the lower the cost per leaf will be. Please contact us with your requirements and we will configure your costs and templates.