Piezography Digital Negatives @ CEP

CEP's Piezography Digital Negatives (PiezoDN) use a special batch of monochromatic ink designed in-house and ultra-premium inkjet transparency films to create unmatched digital-to-negative film. We calibrate the system to each person's unique darkroom and process and then we are able to print negatives that—when printed—will match our customer's screen.


Processes & Chemistry

Technically we are able to create film transparencies for any process or chemistry (both positive and negative) along with a calibration purchase. Currently we support two basic Platinum/Palladium chemistries by default without the customer calibrating their darkroom. 1. 50% Platinum, 50% Palladium, Ammonium (Print Out) Malde-Ware Process, on Revere with Method 1 at 32% or 65% Humidity or Method 3 with 65% Humidity. 

We are currently offering free OHP Opaque White calibration for silver darkroom contact prints as well as Oxalate PtPd printing as we want to get these calibrations into our default roster.

Digital Negative Prices

The PiezoDN negative is a new invention from Cone Editions Press. We found that printing with up to 10 shades of monochrome ink (from dark to light) enables incredibly smooth and dependable tones coupled with high-resolution, and very opaque dMax. These qualities are all required if you are going to spend $$$ on Platinum/Palladium salts or other expensive alt process chemistries. A Platinum print is only as good as its weakest link and usually that is the negative. With PiezoDN we finally have a negative that is capable of printing the fine details from a drum scan or high-megapixel digital camera. The negatives also have incredibly subtle tonal transitions and we can calibrate them perfectly.

Custom Calibration for home darkroom is available and this step is required to begin proper digital negative printing!
$150.00 per Calibration. Calibration is stored @ Cone Editions Press under the customer's name and digital negatives are made from this calibration for the client and their own home darkroom.
Negative Prices for in-house platinum printing or your studio (after calibration)
Negative First Neg 2 negs at the same time 3-9 Negs at the same time 10+ Negs at the same time
8.5x11 $75 $70 $65 $60
11x14 $85 $75 $70 $65
16x20 $120 $100 $80 $70
17x22 $130 $110 $90 $73
18x24 $150 $125 $100 $75
20x24 $200 $175 $150 $125
22x30 $185 $150 $125 $110
24x36 $200 $175 $150 $125
30x40 $300 $225 $195 $150
36x44 $350 $240 $200 $165
40x50 $375 $275 $215 $200

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