Order Ready to Print Gravure Plates @ CEP 

Order Process

At Cone Editions Press we can print, develop, and FedEx plates to you quickly and effortlessly world-wide. Use the form below to get started with your order. We’ll take a look at your request, inspect your digital file(s) and compute any quantity discount + shipping charges. Once everything is good to go, we’ll send you an invoice payable online for the total and then print/develop/ship your Photopolymer Gravure plates after payment is complete. You can view the 'ready to print' plate prices here.


Turnaround for plate ship-out after payment can vary anywhere from 24hrs to 2 weeks depending on how many plates you want made and how quickly you make payment on the invoice before plate production. Our normal turnaround after payment is about 1 week for plate production although when our lab is not too busy we often turnaround plates much faster. Plates can be rushed for a fee determined on a case-by-case basis. We do not ship plates before payment is complete.

File Prep

You do not need to do anything special with your image before sending it to us.  Just make sure the image looks good on your screen, place it into the template file below, and upload: no need for special imaging. Please note: If you request trimmed borders, make sure that the printable non-border image area does not go beyond the template safety margins and that the final requested dimensions are within the plate dimensions. Problematic layout can increase labor and cost of plate production.

Photoshop Template Files:    8.3″X11.7″ A4   11.7″X16.5″ A3   16.5″X23.7″ A2   23.4″X33.1″ A1

Note: By default we will trim your plate to the visible edge of your image! If trimming to a border is specified this may effect the maximum image size printable. Choosing a border that makes the final printed piece larger than the plate requested will result in multiple emails and extra labor cost. If you require a border beyond the visible photo-part of your image, calculate your borders by downloading the templates above.

  • Plate Dimensions
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