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PiezoDN, Digital Negative System Course
In this online course we cover the fundamentals of Piezography Digital Negative Printing from the very start through advanced techniques. After taking this course you will be able to calibrate your negative system perfectly for any analogue print environment. This course also teaches best-practice techniques for digital and analogue studio setup and printer maintenance.
Print Studio Setup, Color Management, & Workflow
COMING SOON! This course goes through the major design and workflow considerations when setting up home studios for printing. We cover everything from room lighting, humidity, dust control, through digital workflow, monitors, computers, printers, inks, icc profiles, and print storage.
Piezography from Beginner to Advanced
COMING SOON! This course will introduce you to the Piezography monochrome ink system. It will take you from complete beginner all the way to advanced level. There are some requirements for this course. 1. You need a MacOS operating system. This system is really needed for proper tonal management of Piezography. 2. You will need a Piezography ink set and printer (the core of Piezography. 3. You will need some decent fine are inkjet paper! Are you unsure where to start? Don't worry, take a look at our free intro video on this course to find out where to start.

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